About us

A German meets a Hungarian in Switzerland… What might sound like the beginning of a joke actually marks that moment 10 years ago when our paths crossed for the very first time and eventually morphed into one.

A path that has recently led us to the lovely city of Parma, Italy from where, on one of our excursions of this beautiful country, we basically stumbled across and instantly fell in love with the little Village of Albogasio and the project of Riccardo. This brilliant Italian architect transformed an old hotel, keeping its original façade design, into a modern yet perfectly integrated and state of the art gem smack on the waterfront of Lake Lugano.

Now, as the proud owners of ‘Blue View –The Waterfront Cocoon’, we would like to invite and welcome you to visiting us at the wonderful Lake Lugano and spend a great and relaxing time at, in, on and around it whilst enjoying the amenities of our newly furbished place in close proximity to Lugano, Lake Como and many other beautiful places nearby.

We are wishing you a very warm welcome and joyful stay.
Lilla & Jürgen