Activities around the lake

We recommend you to contact your holiday concierge, Elisa at for further recommendations or for tailor made activities, e.g. private home cooking experience with an Italian chef, etc..

Mountain biking

More than 370 km of marked and carefully maintained trails give bikers the opportunity to explore the Lugano area.

There are several itineraries of average difficulty on forest and dirt roads, which require a minimum of fitness. Please check the relevant websites or ask assistance from your concierge at


Cycling is one of the best ways to explore the countryside around Lake Lugano. You can cycle the route along the shores of lake.

The Southern basin is a 50 km loop completely flat, part in Italy and part in Switzerland. For detailed bike routes there are plenty of sites that we suggest you to visit or please drop a line to your concierge, at


There are several super and hypermarkets in the close vicinity, as well as a mom-and-pop mini store where you can find all essentials on the opposite side from the apartments.

Carrefour Porlezza, open 24/7 (5 kms):
Iperal Carlazzo, open 7 days a week 8.00 - 21.00 ( Via V Alpini, 59/L, 22010 Carlazzo CO )

The olive grove trail

The Path winds along the countryside between Castagnola and Gandria and crosses hillsides of ancient olive trees where just recently fruiting olive trees have been reintroduced.

Length: 3.17 km
Height difference Gandria - Castagnola: 137 m
Difficulty: easy

Starting point distance from Blue View: Gandria 3.5km (7 minutes) / Transport back by bus.



Experience the magic of flying, the emotion of chasing the clouds. Fly with a qualified pilot in tandem and look at the world from a new perspective.

Info and booking: Alessandro 338/6364890

In Fogazzaro’s “Little world of the past”

In Valsolda, the masterpiece of the Italian novelist, Antonio Fogazzaro, “Piccolo mondo antico” (The Patriot) was set. At the village Oria stands the villa where he lived and that will soon be opened to the public. From the small churchyard of San Sebastiano, near the lake, a narrow street starts that leads through the historic arcades and branches into alleys and stairs which lead to other romantic hamlets.

Distance from Blue View: walking
Hiking trail starts right at the house.

Natural show caves - Rescia

The seven caves, destination for tourists from all over Europe since 1700, represent a rarity in the country as they originate from the inside of travertine flowstones. Over the ages, water has dug a sequence of holes in the travertine, depositing spectacular concretions.

The Rescia caves offer the chance to observe the “life” of caves since they contain fossils and ancient formations whilst still being active and constantly growing and evolving. Moreover, the visit to the caves includes the visit to the Santa Giulia’s gorge with its waterfall, which is about 70 ms high.

Distance from Blue View: 18 minutes (12 km)